ED Ayres - The funniest man in the US

ED Ayres is one of those popular comedians who are best known for its amazing comic timing. He is a self-made comedian, writer and musician. We have presented a short biography of him. If you want to know about him in details then go through our piece of article below.

His early life:

ED Ayres was born on 11th of June in Lyndhurst, New Jersey and completed all his educations from there. He was always famous as a comedian and debuted with his first show on 17th of July in the year 2004. His first show was organized by the American Comedy Institute and was a major hit. He instantly connected with the masses. People started to love his comic timing. He was like an alternative uncle that we all had in our childhood. His comic delivery is clean and full of humor. He took his inspiration from the big names of comedy fields. He really preferred the comedy style of Bill Mahr, Mel Brooks, Richard Pryor and George Carlin.

His life as a comedian:

He is immensely talented and is known for cracking great jokes. We have already mentioned the stage name where he debuted with his first performance. But he also had several home clubs where he performed regularly. The name of the clubs is Comic strip, Village Lantern and New York comedy Club. He had years of experience and provided some insightful element. He was a self-proclaimed baby boomer and is still popular in the US as a stand-up comedian.

All of his favorite stuffs:

Once he was quizzed about all his favorite things where he mentioned some personal details about him. His much loved working comics are ME and Remember? He really loves to watch TV shows. Honeymooners, Daily Show, Real Time and Star Trek Next Gen are one of his preferred TV shows. When he was further asked about his favorite movie, he mentioned the names of Wyatt Earp, Crimson Tide, Million Dollar Baby and The Unforgiving. He is also a musician by profession and loves to listen to Beatles, Funk, Jazz and Lilly Allen.

His current status:

ED has recently become a producer for Midlife Meltdown Comedy group. The group contains five boomer comedians including ED Ayres. This group is now on a world tour and ED is also performing with them. Midlife recently performed in the Broadway comedy club which was totally packed with audiences. He is now active on a website, where he provides various contents on comedy.

Change matters the most for ED Ayres. The changes can be both good and bad and all he wants to add an impact on the society with his comic patterns. ED Ayres is the funniest man on the stage and even puts smart yet sly remarks on various people. He is also a very controversial person as once he commented on Dr Phil and Paris Hilton. Robin Fox, one of the most popular comedians of US recently shared the stage with ED. Robin said in a recent interview that he loved the way ED took control over a tough crowd by his funny manners. Robin was really impressed with him.